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Waste bin TAB-922 "Marienberg"

Waste bin TAB-902 City

Waste bin TAB-922 City

fig.1 Waste bin TAB-922 marienberg fig.2 Waste bin TAB-922 marienberg

Fig 1. waste bin tab-922 Marienberg

Fig 2. waste bin tab-922 Marienberg

Technical description:

Main post: Cast iron GG25
Locking splint: Cast iron GG25 hot dip galvanized
Container: Steel sheet and steel wire mesh, hot dip galvanized, removable
Battens: European woods
Metal components: 2 or 3 times lacquered, top coat RAL color of your choice
Wooden components: Wood protection primer and thick layer coating
Connecting elements:Screws galvanized
Container capacity:approx. 33 liters with triangular locking mechanism
Weight :ca. 32 Kg