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Waste bin TAB-3004.20/30

Waste bin TAB-3004

Waste bin TAB-3004.20/30

fig.1 Waste bin TAB-3004_20 fig.2 Waste bin TAB-3004_30

Fig 1. waste bin tab-3004.20

Fig 2. waste bin tab-3004.30

Technical description:

Can be combined with various bollards of our program
(here: display with bollards TAP 3000)

Container: Galvanized sheet steel, removable
Locking splint: folded sheet steel, hot dip galvanized
Coating:2 or 3 times lacquered, top coat RAL color of your choice
Connecting elements:made of stainless steel
Container capacity:
TAB-3004.20: approx. 21 liters with triangular locking mechanism
TAB-3004.30: approx. 33 liters with triangular locking mechanism