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Historical luminaire THL-141/1141 "Konstanz"

hHistorical luminaire thl-141 Konstanz picture

This luminaire has a special design and a lot of effort was put into it. Two sizes are available which makes them particularly flexible
ou can use the luminaire to light the streets, squares, parks and facilities.
The application can be carried out in conjunction with our historical casting candelabra, but also on wall brackets and in multiple arm combinations.

Historical luminaire thl-141 Konstanz drewing

Luminaire housing:
- Aluminium casting and aluminum sheet
Fitting roof:
- Aluminium casting, painted,
- Aluminium, white powder coated
- PMMA or PC, clear, opal or structured
Fastening elements:
- V2A
- RAL color of your choice
- LED, 1xE26 ES, 2xE26 ES, TCD, HSE, HIE, all electric parts with VDE mark
Protection category:
- IP 54
Protection class:
- SK I, SK II available on request
Bow luminaires:
- Forged plaitbow, 64 mm

Historical luminaire THL-141 on candelabra THK-600/600A