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Decorative Luminaire TML-361

dekorative Leuchte TML-361

Decorative top luminaire with mast bracket for the lighting of road space for parks and green spaces.
The installation of this luminaire can be done to the boom or jib, top, but also to bowmasts poles.
The free color selection allows a wide margin of discretion for a variety of applications.

dekorative Leuchte TML-361 drawing

Application areas:

Fixed illumination from:
· Residential and shopping streets
· Parks and green areas
· Representative areas
· Pedestrian areas
· Promenades
· Parking and marketplaces

Lightspot height: 4.0 m to 7.5 m, for suspended installations of towers and bow masts of steel.

Luminaire housing:
· Aluminium sheet / Al-casting powder coated or painted
· RAL color of your choice
· Innerlying symmetrical reflector.

Cylinder: PMMA or PC (charge) opal or clear, 400 mm, bayonet lock

Electrical installation:
· HSE 50 - 70 W
· On request also installation for two illuminants possible
· Protection class: I
· protection category: IP 44

All connecting elements made of stainless steel.
Polar graph:

Cartesian graph:

Light source: HSE-E 70W

Decorative Luminaire TML-361 on jib and steelpole

Decorative Luminaire TML-361 on jib