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Decorative Luminaire TML-349

Decorative Luminaire TML-349

A luminaire with a decorative top on a mast used to illuminate the streets, the parks and the green areas.

This luminaire has a shield with diameters of 800 mm. It is also possible to use a modern lighting technology.
And it may be particularly suitable for large areas in need of light with altitudes predestinated from 5.0 to 10.0 m.
The free color selection allows a wide design scope for a variety of applications.

Decorative Luminaire TML-349 drawing

Decorative Luminaire TML-349 drawing

Application areas:

Fixed illumination from:
· Residential and shopping streets
· Parks and green areas
· Representative areas
· Pedestrian areas
· Promenades
· Parking and marketplaces

Lightspot height: 5 to 10 m

Luminaire housing:
· Aluminium sheet / Al-casting powder coated or painted
· RAL color of your choice
· Interior Lying symmetrical mirror refectory (can be supplemented by other elements for light control and glare control)

Cylinder: PMMA or PC (charge) opal or clear, 500 mm, bayonet lock.

Electrical installation:
· Electrical plug block
· HSE 70 - 150 W
· On request also installation for two illuminants possible
· Protection class: I
· protection category: IP 44

All connecting elements made of stainless steel.
Polar graph:

Cartesian graph:

Light source: HSE 70 W

Decorative Luminaire TML-349 on a steel pole

Dimensions Decorative Luminaire TML-349 on a steel pole