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Decorative Luminaire TML-345

Decorative Luminaire TML-345

A luminaire with a decorative top used for the illumination of roads, parks and green spaces.

With shield diameters of 680 mm and 800mm it can be used for mounting heights from 3.0 to 6.5 m. The free color selection allows a wide design leeway for a variety of applications.

Decorative Luminaire TML-345 S dreawing

Decorative Luminaire TML-345 B drawing

Application areas:

Fixed illumination from:
· Residential and shopping streets
· Parks and green areas
· Representative areas
· Pedestrian areas
· Promenades
· Parking and marketplaces

Lightspot height:
· 3,5 to 6,5 m, or the installation of a top light on steel masts or jib (spigot 76 mm) (TML 343 S) or with adapters on concrete pole (TML 343 B)

Luminaire housing:
· Aluminium sheet / Al-casting powder coated or painted
· RAL color of your choice
· Removable roof-part without tools
· On request glare reduction by internal fins, shielding or prismatic refractor (see illustration)

Cylinder: PMMA or PC (extra charge) opal or clear.

Electrical installation:
· Electrical plug block
· HSE 70 - 150 W
Protection class: I
protection category: IP 44

All connecting elements made of stainless steel.
Polar graph:

Cartesian graph:

Light source: HSE 70 W

Decorative Luminaire TML-345 on a steel pole

Dimensions Decorative Luminaire TML-345 on a steel pole