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Decorative luminaire L 22

decorative luminaire   L 22

Luminaire dimensions:

    · Luminaire height: 660 mm
    · Luminaire shade: 760 mm
    · Recommended light point height: up to 5 m

decorative luminaire   L 22

 Areas of application:
    · Fixed lighting of residential, roads and shopping streets
    · Park and green areas
    · Parking and market places.
 Light point height:
    · up to 5 m
    · Toolless
 Electrical installation:
    · LED
    · HPS 35-100 Watt
    · HID 35-70 Watt
    · TCD
    · TCL
    · Tool-free replaceable electroblock,
    · VDE test mark on all electrical components
    · Electrical unit is compensated
    · Luminaire with connection cable to cable junction box
 IEC protection classes:
    · I
 IP Code:
    · IP 54
    · Luminaire base element made of aluminum sand cast,
    · Luminaire shade made of strong-walled aluminum alloy with
      reinforced outer edge
    · all parts are coated after careful preparation in all RAL colors or   DB shades
    · Acrylic clear
    · All fastening elements are made of stainless steel
 Special equipment:
    · IEC protection classes II
    · Power selector
    · Shielding with asymmetrical light distribution
    · Tool-free maintenance by pressure closing the roof
    · Glass made of polycarbonate
    · Outlet in the base

Cartesian diagram:
Light source: HME 50W
Cartesian diagram:
Light source: Osram Dulux L 24W/840